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Application Process
The application process begins here. Please complete the entire application form, submit it, and we will contact you.
When can I start?
After your application has been approved, you can begin your studies at anytime during the academic year (except for certain periods during the year).

Application for Admission

First Name
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Hebrew Name
Cell Phone
Passport No.
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Country of Birth
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Marital Status
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Spouse Name
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If you have children, please state how many and their ages
Current Occupation
Please state your job/volunteer history. Include organisation/business name, position held, location and employment dates
Please state what activities you were involved with after graduation (or age of 21)
Name of your High School
Location of your High School, years you attended, and graduation date
What schools did you attend after Secondary School, please state the course names, dates, graduation dates and honours earned
Parents Marital Status
Father's First Name
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Father's Address
Father's Address
Mother's First Name
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Mother's Maiden Name
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Contact Name
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Do you have relatives living in Israel?
Relatives Address List
Was your natural mother born Jewish?
Was your natural father born Jewish?
Was your natural maternal grandmother born Jewish?
What is your religious affiliation?
Have there been any conversions to Judaism in your immediate family? (including yourself, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents)?
Are you a child of your mother's first marriage?
Were all of your natural maternal and paternal grandparents Jewish at birth?
Have your natural parents been married more than once?
Have your natural grandparents been married more than once?
Are you an adopted child?
How long have you been religious?
(If applicable)
Have you ever been involved in another religion?
What is the name of your congregation?
(If applicable)
Your congregations' Rabbi's name?
(If applicable)
Your parents religious affiliation?
What is the name of your parents congregation?
(If applicable)
What Jewish Organisations are you a member of?
(If applicable)
What is/was your position within the Jewish Organisation(s)?
(If applicable)
What Jewish Organisations are your parents a member of?
(If applicable)
Did you attend Hebrew School?
Time at Hebrew School
(If applicable)
Did you attend a religious High School?
Details of religious High School
(If applicable)
Did you attend another seminary?
Details of other seminaries
(If applicable)
What date did you graduate from the other seminaries
(If applicable)
If you did not graduate, please explain why
(If applicable)
Are you English speaking?
Do you understand English speech?
Are you Hebrew speaking?
Do you understand Hebrew speech?
Can you read Hebrew?
Can you write Hebrew?
Please state your hobbies or pasttimes?
Do you have any special diet considerations?
Have you ever seen a psychiatrist? If yes, please give details and doctors names.
Are you taking any medication? If yes, please give details.
Do you have any physical disabilities? If yes, please give details.
Do you have any reading disabilities? If yes, please give details.
Do you have any accessibility requirements? If yes, please give details.
Have you ever had a substance addiction? If yes, please give details.
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence? If yes, please give details.
Please give 2 references, inc. Name, Address, Telephone and relationship
Are you applying for a student loan?
What is your anticipated length of stay at Eyaht
What is your anticipated start date at Eyaht
Do you intend to study full or part time?
Do you have any outstanding Student Loans?
Will you be/are you deferring any Loans?
Will you be accruing university credit from your Eyaht studies?
How did you find out about Eyaht
What are your reasons for attending Eyaht
Please write a brief autobiography
Please state some of your most profound accompishments