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EYAHT Alumnae Corner

EYAHT's Alumnae Site

EYAHT has launched a website to help EYAHT alumnae and family keep in touch with each other. Participation in this website is available ONLY to EYAHT alumnae and family. See a short video made about EYAHT by Ayelet the Kosher Komic and pictures from EYAHT tiyulim. You can start discussions, share recipes, and share pictures of your family, to name a few of the types of communication which are possible through this new ad-free website.

In order to join, simply visit to submit your request. Upon receipt, we will send you a questionnaire to verify that you are indeed an EYAHT alumna or family.

Also, please let us know if you want to post information related to a simcha or other important news related to any of our alumnae. We'll be happy to share it with visitors to our website, or even include it in an upcoming newsletter if you'd like.