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Inspiring Jewish women to maximize their potential

About EYAHT - College of Jewish studies for women

EYAHT, the Aish HaTorah College of Jewish Studies for Women, offers a comprehensive, multi-level study program for university and professional women from all backgrounds.  

Thought provoking and stimulating courses are designed to inspire Jewish women to maximize their potential. Students learn how to integrate Torah into every aspect of their lives and become empowered to achieve personal greatness.



EYAHT is headed by Rebbetzin Denah Weinberg, who has empowered a generation of Jewish women to inspire other women across the globe. An individualized schedule is designed for each student, depending on her skills and knowledge upon arrival. These schedules may include classes in more than one level to ensure maximal growth, development, and use of her skills and talents. Students may also obtain college credits for completed coursework, provided that the necessary arrangements are made upon arrival.


To learn more about the different classes that make up EYAHT's weekly schedule, please look at our Course Descriptions. For more information regarding living arrangements and other details, please click here for Practical Information.


Rebbitzen Miriam Gross, who is the Dean of Students at Eyaht, Aish Hatorah's College for Women, grew up in Antwerp, Belgium where she received her teacher training.  A dynamic speaker, Rebbetzin Gross fascinates students with her profound wisdom and practical philosophy.  As an Eyaht faculty member for 23 years, she has taught a wide variety of courses, specializing in Shalom Bayis, (Marital Happiness).  Her breadth of knowledge also equips her to teach many other topics, including the weekly Parsha, themes in the calendar and Foundations of Judaism.  In addition, she is much sought after for her expertise in effective Relationship Counseling.


Rebbetzin Nechama Karlinsky is a Senior Lecturer at EYAHT, Aish Hatorah’s College for Women, where she has been on the faculty for over 25 years. In this capacity she has given young women the tools needed to maximize their personal potential and growth and imbued them with an understanding, appreciation and love for their Jewish heritage.

Rebbetzin Karlinsky had also taught in other institutions of higher education in America, Israel and France and has lectured to a wide variety of audiences of Jewish women worldwide.  Among her audiences have been participants in Aish Hatorah programs such as the Jerusalem Fellowships and audiences at several of the Aish Partners’ Conferences.


Rebbetzin Chava Koenig is a much sought after speaker and an inspiring pedagogue.  She is a Senior Lecturer at Eyaht, Aish HaTorah's College for Women in Jerusalem.  Rebbetzin Koenig stimulates her audiences to grapple with fascinating questions and challenges the independent thinker to search for deeper meaning in the everyday world through analyzing the multiple layers of meaning in the text of the Torah.  She lectures on a wide range of topics including the weekly Torah reading as it relates to current events, frequently drawing on the works of the Maharal in guiding her listeners to apply ancient wisdom to today's reality.  Originally from Monsey, New York, Rebbetzin Koenig and her family now live in the Ramat Eshkol neighborhood of Jerusalem.


Rebbetzin Chana Ovadia is an engaging speaker whose explanations of our Torah heritage captivate English, French & Hebrew speaking audiences around the world.  She is a Senior Lecturer at Eyaht, Aish HaTorah's College for Women in Jerusalem.  She lectures on a wide range of topics relevant to today’s issues, often drawing material from the Ramban and other sources.  With her enthusiastic, warm and humorous style she has a unique ability to capture the minds and hearts of diverse listeners.  Born in England, Rebbetzin Ovadia was raised in France and later moved to Israel, where she lives in the Bayit Vegan neighborhood of Jerusalem with her family.


Rebbetzin Sara Rivka Rubinfeld, was born and raised in Brooklyn NY and now lives with her family in Jerusalem. She is a popular speaker for women's groups and Aish Hatorah conferences in the USA and Israel as well as a Senior Lecturer at Eyaht, Aish Hatorah's College for Women in Jerusalem. She has been a guidance counselor at Eyaht, and very involved with its students for almost 20 years. She specializes in Tefilla (prayer) and Jewish Philosophy and draws relevant information from classic and contemporary philosophical works such as the writings of Rav Dessler, Sfas Emes and King Solomon’s Song of Songs to help people understand themselves and the world.


Rebbetzin Rivka Teplitz, is a native of Baltimore, USA. She attended Bais Yaakov Yerushalyim seminary, and earned a degree from the University of Maryland in computer science. She has taught and mentored students in the USA and Israel for many years. Rebbetzin Teplitz lectures on a wide variety of topics, currently lives with her husband and two children in Jerusalem.