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Rebbetzin Weinberg on the birth of a new grandson and Mazal tov to parents Rav Yehuda and Orlie Weinberg
Mazal Tov to Chaim and Aliza Dubin (EYAHT Alumna!) whose son just got married
Rachel Lebovich (Kobak) on the birth of a baby girl
Polina Moldavskaya on her marriage in Russia
Danit Vatagsky married Yechiel Hess in Toronto  
Tara Stross (Beekman) on the birth of a baby girl
Kim Bash (Silverstone) on the birth of a baby boy
Esther Lakin (Nachmani) on the birth of a baby boy
Asher and Leah Resnick on the engagement of their daughter
The Rosenblatts on the birth of their grandson
Debbie Biton on the birth of a baby boy
Leah Weiner (Bennett), EYAHT Alumna and daughter of an EYAHT Alumna, on the birth of a baby girl
Mazal tov to Chaim and Barrie Feld on their son Moshe Avraham's engagement to Eliana, daughter of Rabbi Moshe and Rochel Fine. Both families are Aish/EYAHT alumnae!














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